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Yes, we do offer something very different here - as a fitness provider, we don't really fit in - and with good reason. We don't train thousands of people to train to REPs guidelines... we teach a small amount of people to excel and stand out as successful personal trainers. Below, you can read all about my thoughts about the state of the industry as well as how and why you need to push yourself. After all, in order to get more, you need to 'be more'.




Training with the European Institute of Fitness isn’t exactly cheap (although considering it is a residential course at a luxury country retreat away from distractions so that students can focus on their studies, it isn’t exactly expensive either) but if you are looking for a cheap course this may not be the right course for you at the moment.


Have you ever noticed how some environments just seem to bring out the best in you, so that you can be more imaginative, creative and resourceful whilst others drain you leaving you feeling sluggish, bored and uninspired?


That’s why we take choosing the right environment, creating the right learning materials and ensuring an experience that will bring out the best in people so seriously.


That’s why we created a 4-week residential training programme at a location away from distractions so that students can relax and fully immerse themselves in the experience. That’s why we created a home study programme with an interactive online interface so students can communicate in real time with course tutors and feel fully engaged in their development as knowledgeable and competent trainers. That’s why our home study course also includes a 2-week residential stay at our residential home so that, albeit for a shorter, sharper experience, students can still immerse themselves in the experience and so leave properly prepared for the future.


The experience with the European Institute of Fitness, you see, isn’t just one of “getting qualified” but is one of personal transformation, confidence-building and professional development to ensure the end result isn’t just a qualified fitness fanatic but an inspired and resourceful, confident and highly skilled Master Trainer. It is an experience designed to bring the best out of people!


The course is 70% practical. We can include plenty of tutoring and support throughout to ensure every student succeeds and our environment is designed to enable you to switch off and literally eat, sleep and breathe PT 24/7 throughout your residential stay. It is essentially impossible not to come out the other side totally ready to be that successful fitness professional our students get excited about.


We have worked hard to create this awesome environment for students to learn in and feel very proud of the success our graduates enjoy thereafter. Just getting qualified in not enough. Some 10-20,000 people every year get their REPs 3 award but the vast majority fail to make any lasting impact in the industry.


Whenever a group wants to standardise protocol it will reduce it down to the most common denominators, and make it as simple as they can to replicate and control. This is what has happened in fitness.


However, our students don’t wish to celebrate mediocrity; they wish to stand out and be counted. They aspire to be more.


If you had all the qualifications (and skills) you needed right now, let me ask you:

  • How would you get clients?
  • How would you differentiate yourself from other PTs?
  • How would you protect yourself from other copying what you do just doing cheaper than you?
  • What would be the header on your website?
  • Would you have a blog?
  • What topics would you blog about?
  • Who would your ideal client be?
  • What would most bring you to life?
  • What would your ideal week look like?
  • How much would you charge?
  • Would you package what you do as discrete packages i.e. Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond or pay-as-you-go?
  • Would you only offer one-on-one training options or small group training and partner PT options?
  • Would you deliver 1hr sessions or ½ hour sessions?
  • Would you only “train” people or would you “coach” them too?


You see there is so much more to establishing yourself as a successful independent trainer than just getting qualified. Copying others once qualified might work out OK but then you are living someone else’s ideals. Creating your own path takes courage and I have to say superior training and support along the journey but, without question, is much more fulfilling.


We teach our students to stand out not fit in. We teach a very different curriculum, use very different assessment methods than other providers, offer very different set of qualifications and a very different learning experience and, therefore, career prospects thereafter for our students to excel.


We don’t pride ourselves on how many people we qualify a year but the success of those we train and the impact they have on other people’s lives. Your success is our success. If you believe you have what it takes to succeed please contact our team.





Who are our students?

Let’s start with who they are not. They are not know-it-all fitness fanatics who already believe they are good enough to be successful as a PT and just need someone to certify them. They are not lazy people only interested in fitness and they are not stereotypical bikini-models and body builders.


So who are they? Our students come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from all corners of the globe, usually have a story behind their motivation whether it be their own past transformational weight loss, previous success in sport, history or hardship or simply genuine desire to really help people change.


Students who choose to train with the European Institute of Fitness want something different, want a superior learning experience and understand that in order to achieve more they have to first be more. By choosing a more comprehensive and involved re-training experience is consistent with such ambition.


Is this you?

Being a successful personal trainer today requires more than just a set of gym skills but an ability and desire to tackle the crippling effects of the current diabetes and obesity epidemic hitting the western world today. Successful trainers understand they need to operate outside the gym environment not just in it and offer increasingly more cost-effective and time-efficient solutions for their clients. They get the importance of postural retraining and corrective exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, sports programming and dealing with an array of increasingly prevalent conditions clients now present with, all as standard. They appreciate the importance of coaching and behaviour change and particularly business for personal trainers.


Clients often present as inexperienced exercisers with low self-confidence and lead a stressful life lacking in time to work out regularly. Are you ready to learn more about how to best deal with this clientele and excel in this current increasingly competitive industry?





My Master’s degree was in sport psychology. And my interest ever since has been in the science of success and psychology of change. My course explores more recent popularisation of Steve Peter’s The Chimp Paradox, fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioural Theory, Positive Psychology (Professor Martin Seligman), aspects of related neuroscience and the function of our Reticular Activation system (RAS) for example, and Motivational Interviewing (Rollnick and Miller). I believe this benefits our students in two ways:

i) Such content in conjunction with the environment we provide is conducive to students’ optimal personal development helping them grow as individuals, as well as personal trainers, discovering much about who they are, what they truly want and develop the inner confidence and desire they will require as they set out into a new career in fitness.

ii) To be successful as a motivational trainer and lifestyle coach students will need to positively affect the mindset of others’. I hope what I can personally pass on to my students can in turn be passed forward to members of the public through personal training helping bring personal training firmly into the 21st Century where the demands are not to find even more ways of training people or ways to eat to lose weight or be healthy, but to better facilitate sustainable behaviour change.


I have been fortunate to have been able to attend many fitness conventions around the world including FILEX, the national Australian fitness convention, IHRSA and IDEA conferences in the States - the two largest fitness conferences in the world, FIBO in Germany, the largest fitness conference in Europe and FitPro, the annual conference in the UK on many occasions and have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful leading industry professionals. I had a very personally rewarding experience with Anthony Robbins on his Unleash the Power Within 4-day event in 2014. I have worked as a PT in various different countries and accumulated many thousands of hours of experience as a Personal Trainer and believe change can occur in a moment. The challenge is to create that moment in people’s lives. My challenge is to help you reach that moment and feel compelled to make sure your career brings you everything you desire and no doubt deserve.


I hope you will talk to one of my team about this prospect.


So what should you do?

We suggest first thinking carefully about what YOU really want. Some people only want to dip their toe in the water, search for a cheap course and one that is easy to complete and therefore convenient enough as to not disturb their lifestyle too much.


Such students don’t really have any desire to distinguish themselves or push themselves to excel never mind distinguish themselves once they qualify. This is not the sort of student who chooses EIF.


Whilst some choose a cheap course, others select a more expensive course and invest maybe three to four thousand pounds to qualify. The problem is even then most still lack the level of practical experience required to qualify confident in their ability and receive relatively little face to face tuition, instead receiving mainly exam-prep and practical mock assessments leaving them under-trained and under-prepared to establish themselves thereafter.


If this isn’t you and you decide you want to stand out, not fit in and want to create a lasting career for yourself as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach you might need a very different course and training experience.



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We are committed to helping the small amount of trainers we teach, make a big impact in the lives of others.

We make training with EIF an experience.

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