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Thanks for taking the time to check-in with me here.

It's great that you're looking into becoming an elite fitness professional - the world really needs them!

I hope that you will find some valuable information here about what it takes to 'be more' and some precious insights into the industry.



Below is a collection of thoughts, articles, blogs, FAQs in all shapes and sizes.

Yes, we do offer something very different here - as a fitness provider, we don't really fit in - and with good reason. We don't train thousands of people to train to REPs guidelines... we teach a small amount of people to excel and stand out as successful personal trainers. Below, you can read all about my thoughts about the state of the industry as well as how and why you need to push yourself. After all, in order to get more, you need to 'be more'.



I set out as a twenty-something-year-old not really knowing what I was going to do but found myself loving what I was doing building a million pound-a-year business and somewhere in the middle made a significant career change, perhaps like what you are considering right now.


Specifically, having graduated from University with a degree in sport and exercise science I went on to complete my Masters in sport psychology, becoming a lecturer at the University of Liverpool with plans to complete my PhD and publish research papers. The thing was I loved teaching and needed something more practical-based and less academic.


I left after three years (without my PhD) to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer. Since then I have travelled the world first as a PT in London and then running my own studio in Spain and then in Sydney, Australia at one of the largest PT studio chains in the world.


In 2005 I set up my first campus to train personal trainers in Albir, Spain. This was in a tiny ex-rental car garage and then 1 year later following a complete new build in 2007 we opened a large 2nd school in Spain before returning to the UK to set up permanent home here in 2010.


Today we are a million pound business, have trained some of the most outstanding trainers and lifestyle coaches around the world and offer a very unique way to train as a fitness professional. The experience for me (as an educator and trainer, as opposed to business owner) compels me to pass this forward. I fundamentally believe in people and feel certain you can achieve great things.


This is why I remain the lead coach here at the European Institute of Fitness. Of course I realise I could delegate and become a number crunching, profit counting board member as I am sure other training company MD likely are. But that's just not me.


Life truly is amazing and I am personally driven to improve the fitness industry, help new aspiring professionals like you not only gain a great qualification but positively impact on other peoples' lives. That's why I still invest vast amounts of time and money in development and envision a new generation of personal trainers who are also effective lifestyle coaches and entrepreneurs operating private practices around the world setting this new standard to 'be more' and pass their success forward too to help their clients not only get fit or lose weight but literally transform their lives through fitness.


I have several thousands of hours of experience as a personal trainer and coach, I have attended some of the most prestigious conferences in the world in California, Sydney and Germany for example, I have attended Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within 4-day seminar, read prolifically and can't wait to share my experience and expertise with you and hope you can pass on your wisdom to your clients through personal training.




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We are committed to helping the small amount of trainers we teach, make a big impact in the lives of others.

We make training with EIF an experience.

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