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Yes, we do offer something very different here - as a fitness provider, we don't really fit in - and with good reason. We don't train thousands of people to train to REPs guidelines... we teach a small amount of people to excel and stand out as successful personal trainers. Below, you can read all about my thoughts about the state of the industry as well as how and why you need to push yourself. After all, in order to get more, you need to 'be more'.



The Science of Coaching and the Coaching of Science - Beyond REPs.


As an experienced educator and specialist personal trainer course author I am very much aware of what is required to become a successful personal trainer. One of the keys to success is that you have to understand behaviour change and be able to apply what you know to create sustainable change in the lives' of others to truly impact of someone’s life.


To train a personal trainer in the detailed knowledge of how the body moves, why humans do what they do and how best to deliver safe and effective intervention requires skills and nurturing and we like to call this ‘coaching’ our students rather than lecturing to them.


I am diametrically opposed to tick-box education, mass produced education and indeed any education that isn't properly targeted at developing true competence and personal growth.


It is therefore perhaps strange we also offer full REPs registration and qualifications like other training providers. We do so because we have to. We believe it is right to do so in order that our students have what they need, should they choose to work in a club environment.


To become a REPs provider requires very little. We have ex-employees approached by certifying bodies to open their own training courses who have done so, bought training manuals at £20 per student (the same manuals are used by every training provider except ourselves), received the many PowerPoint presentations to deliver the course and offer cheap ways to get qualified.


We object to this minimalistic approach and are embarrassed by the vast majority of poorly trained, less than professional graduates coming out of such courses. We believe this cheapens our industry.


With so much competition now, course providers have had to drive their prices down. This has resulted in training providers having to cut corners, deliver assessment and exam preparation days-only and find ways to deliver their courses cheaply.


We make no apologies about it but we have done the opposite.


At every opportunity we have improved our training, added content, distanced ourselves from all REPs training requirements except what we believe is the right thing to do by our students and that is to ensure they still gain their REPs level PT registration.


Our course is a little more expensive. But it is comprehensive. And it is distinctly different in every conceivable way that all other REPs 3 courses. Just claiming to be the "best" or "largest" or "best pass rate" is marketing hype. Delivering on our promise to be unique, career focused and dedicated to our students' success takes courage and commitment. We challenge any training provider to match our course, commitment to quality or indeed get anywhere near our level of graduate success knowing without taking the steps we have this is impossible.


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We are committed to helping the small amount of trainers we teach, make a big impact in the lives of others.

We make training with EIF an experience.

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