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Step 1 Your Product.

Review your products and services now. What are they in a nutshell? Speak about them out aloud - do they sound exciting? Or don't you have this clarity yet? How much are they? Imagine 5 people are listening to you right now and they are buying into what you do - what is this and for how much? Be clear.

What problems will buying your product solve? How are these different to the competition - be clear and be precise. And how will your product make people feel? How have you packaged what you do - as discrete packages, as a monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go?

Why? Be clear and have good reason. How can people pay you? Make being paid as easy as possible. I reckon this is the first critical step. Make sure you have a GREAT product to begin with before thinking about how to market it better.

I usually start my teachings in business with establishing your “purpose”, but I am ending with purpose in step 11. When you refine your purpose in step 11 run through all 12 steps again. But to kick these 12 steps off No 1 - have an absolutely outstanding product that you feel proud of and can't wait to get more people into it.

These 12 steps are:

1. Your product

2. Your market

3. Your website

4. Your online marketing, social media and email campaigns

5. Your networking

6. Your off-line marketing

7. Your sales systems

8. Your management systems

9. Your wow

10. Your referral system

11. Your purpose

12. Your ongoing personal and business growth


Maybe a few of these steps will resonate with you to take some immediate massive action

Next up Your market!




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